One day in Lecce

In the first official day of the immersive experience in Italy, as a part of the Erasmus + Project, Re-Generation, we visited the city of Lecce with the purpose of knowing the city but specially to meet Manifatture Knos, one of the regenerated spaces of this project.

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Immersive Re-Generation experience in Altamura (Italy) – 16th-23rd December 2021

Re-Generation is an Erasmus + K2 project that promotes artistic and cultural organizations based in regenerated spaces among Europe. One of the aims of the project is that the participants get to know the other organisations, not only physically but especially their way of working, how they maintain economically speaking or how they relate with their regenerated environment.

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Regeneration+  V. 2 (K2 creativity project) 1-7 October 2021


Participating countries: France, Portugal, Italy and Spain
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The objective of this contact seminar was, for the representatives of various regenerated/restored urban spaces, get to know each other and each other’s projects, to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences about opening and running; further to establish links between the different organizations and to prepare ground for the future actions and cooperation. To plan what’s next.
During the 5 busy days, we presented ourselves and the respective organizations in various creative ways. 

We shared random skills to get to know us better and our countries traditions in skill share workshops. We danced, sang, painted, learned other languages, folded paper into unexpectedly beautiful things and tasted the tastiest foods from abroad.

One of the key parts of the meeting was to visit and get to know other regenerated spaces dedicated to art and culture (from visual arts, to music, plastic and performance arts). In Terrassa, we visited Ateneu Candela, and amazing space with a café/bar, meeting spaces, a stage and opportunities to perform, and a complete political/alternative/anarchist library.

We also visited Vapor Ros, a multipurpose space, open for project proposals and artistic initiatives from. 
In the centre of Barcelona we have seen La Escocesa, a huge post-industrial (textile industry of PobleNou) factory complex, which now serves as a creation and workshop spaces for its resident artists, specializing mainly in visual arts. The association is officially located in one of the buildings of the factory, but the neighbouring buildings are part of organic urban life and art and culture projects sprout around according to the needs and vision of the people living there.

We have visited a very inspiring space/project which is located in 3 creation spaces, in Tunis, Algeria and Barcelona. Saberes Migrantes is based on creating “bridges”, connecting the 3 geographical locations, by having 3 residents creating at the same time, and then by doing artist exchanges.

We have seen Hangar, a huge creation factory, like many other regenerated spaces established in PobleNou, the post-industrial neighborhood of Barcelona. 

Inspired by what we have seen and learned we have got together to put our creativity to practice, and started dreaming and planning the next steps, future collaborations, cooperation etc.  We have came up with plenty of ideas for the next mobility steps: how the members of the sending organizations could be involved in the everyday life of the hosts, and how their abilities knowledge and experiences could be applied in the activities of the hosting organizations. 
In fact there was more motivation and more ideas than the current project can support and so we have started planning follow-up projects/actions.
We worked hard. Then we passed out.